Required tools: Cleansing agent like a grease dissolving fluid, like Fluid wash, a waterproof container, a drawing pin or stanley knife, a little brush and new oil/grease. Furthermore, the high-grade petroleum oils this product is formulated with provide optimum lubrication under extreme temperatures and humidity. The only thing better than a good skateboard bearing oil is a multipurpose oil that is versatile and easy to use. Specially formulated for use on household products. It is okay to go for a more expensive lubricant that only needs a tiny application to sufficiently oil your bearings. Skateboard Helmets. Skateboard bearing lubricants with lower viscosity are favored and more widely used than other types. Because it’s highly effective and long-lasting, reapplying this lube frequently is not necessary, making it a cost-efficient solution. It is efficient and works well on many occasions but cannot cover the needs of all bearings and all skateboarders. 3 Answers. do NOT use motor oil to lube your bearings, you will most likely regret it. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an effective way of cleaning their bearings. Some of the edible oils suitable for skateboard bearings are the Note that viscosity will increase in a cooler climate and reduce in hot weather. See what's available at a local skate shop. Grease vs Oil. 95 ($0.70/Item) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. First off let's start with water. Although WD40 is effective in combating rust, using silicone lubricant for skateboard bearings is one of the best ways to go. Squeaks and creaks can be annoying and worrisome. Alternative standards to the ABEC rating; ... You could switch to a ligher skate-specific grease like Bones Speed Cream or Sabre Bearing Lube. When shaken vigorously, the lid of the washing container leaks, so you may have to reinforce it with tape to keep it tightly shut. You will get the maximum value out of your money because this oil works much better than many of those so-called special formulas. Considering its benefits, this lubricant makes an awesome addition to your skateboard maintenance kit. why does it matter? Although mistakes are allowed, you will probably not be making any because of the bottle and spout design of this lubricant. The texture is very smooth, which makes for a nice, smooth application that will have your bearings working optimally right after application. This skateboard lubricant is specially made to protect against corrosion and reduce friction for a safer and more comfortable riding experience. It’s a fast and easy alternative for use in between deep cleaning and lubrication sessions. You should have a dry lubricant on hand like Tri Flow’s Superior Dry Lubricant. You can’t go wrong with such a highly recommended product. Bearings can be steel, ceramic, titanium or a combination of materials in an assortment of colors and are mounted inside of the wheels and onto the truck axle. A little of it goes a very long way and you will not need more than 2 drops to get your skate bearings running smoothly again. I consider this lubricant an upgrade from other brands I tried that fell short of my expectations. Another remarkable feature of this skateboard bearing lube is its solvents, which efficiently break down grime, dirt, and other contaminants that cling onto my bearings and flush them right out. 3 in 1 is more so fore bearings that are under a lot of load weight and don't need free spin rotation. Just get some speed cream man. In a pinch, motor oil or even cooking oil will work. A needle or straw-type applicator generally gets the job done more precisely. When I was younger, I’d get strange ideas to solve this issue. I can’t imagine cleaning my bearings without it! With one use, I immediately noticed a huge difference in the way my bearings glide and perform! But, if you leave it in the hands of experts, like us, then you can be assured that you will land up with a reliable and trusted lube for skate bearings. You will also avoid the buildup that oil and grease can accumulate by using this product. I use powell speed cream it works great and i've been using it forever. Although olive oil makes an acceptable substitute in the absence of oil or grease lubricants, it goes rancid and can gum up your bearings so it would be best to give it a hard pass. Go no further. It simply goes on fast and easy without staining and lasts well. Remove the bearings from the wheel. Bearings & Lubes for skateboards. This is a true dry lubricator that works like magic. Skateboard Pads. Order are processed by a single person witch is also the only person allowed to access to the stock. This solution is just what you need to make your bearings emerge spotless without the use of noxious chemicals. I’m recommending it to my skater friends too! This game-changing product is all you need to keep your bearings in top shape. It has a waxy consistency that smoothly flows out of the bottle to lubricate the exact areas of your focus. It is thick and collects grudge quickly, thus not allowing your bearing much free spin and not letting your bearing fly to their true potential. We stock a wide range of OE Gearbox Bearing Repair Kits, wheel bearings, differential bearings, pinion bearings, alternator bearings and many more. Furthermore, this skateboard bearing oil prevents metal corrosion and can also be used on gears and sliding metal parts. 1 2 3. Overall, it functions well and makes flushing bearings a whole lot easier. After applying the lubricant, spin the bearing to distribute throughout the bearing. According to the size of the vehicle, the size of the bearing varies. 12-10-2009, 03:25 PM. Many lubricants work best in certain conditions but the Bones Speed Cream is excellent no matter where you live and what the situation is with your skateboard bearings. My bearings have been through a lot but are still as responsive as the day I bought them, all thanks to this awesome lubricant. It doesn’t bother me, since my nose is not very sensitive. Bearings & Lubes for skateboards. You also stand the risk of permanently damaging your skate bearings which will cost you money to replace. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $89 | Temporary restrictions on returns. TKO/Demonseed | Chicago, IL 9 years ago. Doing these things will have a significant positive effect on your bearings performance. Typical garage solvents are toxic and can cause skin irritation. However, it is advisable to use oil, especially the ones with low viscosity. While other brands claim to possess the same qualities, this product stands out for being odorless, environment-friendly, and toxin-free while providing better performance. A regular bearing oil like this product from Hetman will do an excellent job at half the price. It was designed to effortlessly glide unto skateboard bearings and not heavy machines so this is not a problem. Designed by Better Bearings and manufactured in Australia, Better Bearing Lube minimises friction and prevents wear to your bearings, races and balls making them last longer and skate track faster. With this product, you are allowed to be human and make some mistakes during application without facing serious consequences. There are two kinds of seals that are common on skateboard bearings: rubber seals (pictured) and metal shields. Without a doubt, it helps increase speed, prolongs the life of my bearings, and makes for a smooth ride. What is the best alternative to skate lube or speed cream to use on longboard bearings? I hear WD-40 and other cheaper lubricants leave behind a film that actually collects dirt and dust. Bearing lube will do the trick! If some of this lubricating oil gets on your skateboard graphics or other plastic parts, they won’t fall apart and be damaged for life. Cleaning and lubricating my skateboard bearings with automatic transmission fluid and 3-in-1 oil. It will also eliminate friction to ensure you have a noise-free, smooth flowing motion as you roll down your pavement with your newly oiled skateboard. Using substandard lubricants may potentially damage your bearings, compromising your safety. It’s one of the best all-around lubricants I’ve ever tried, and I highly recommend you getting one too! Low viscosity lubricants are thinner and flow more easily than thick high viscosity products. It binds to metal well and does an excellent job at keeping rust at bay. I did it once when i had no speed cream and it seemed fine, but one of them soon "froze", basically it overheated and the bearing fused together, which rendered it worthless. So, if you use oil and grease to lubricate the bearings of the truck, you can ‍also use the same material for lubricating the skateboard bearings.But our recommendation is to use grease because it is a chronic and easy solution. It does not contain particles that may contribute to noise and performance issues. What to use to clean skateboard bearings? Thanks in advance! Help i need a homemade bearing lubricant recipe and something that i you can find in typical house that cleans bearings. 10-04-2010, 05:46 PM. Their products are superior in quality and are made from the best high-quality synthetic materials, not organic petroleum products. Tri-Flow. About / Contact / Disclaimer / Privacy Policy. It’s about how to assemble a skateboard but it’s the same principle. Apart from your skateboard bearings and other metal objects, you can use it safely on wood, painted surfaces, and on most plastic and rubbers, which I find beneficial. Bones Super Swiss 6. It’s simply the best bearing lube I’ve ever tried. Popular Gearbox Repair Kits we stock are : Checking out reviews online, soliciting the opinion of experienced riders, and following instructions to the letter is highly advisable. Best Skateboard Bearings: Buyer’s Guide & Unbiased Reviews. When you choose a lube for your skate bearings, you can choose rolling speed, or long life. When applied regularly and sufficiently, a lubricant eliminates friction, making your bearings perform faster without obstruction. Of all the options discussed, we especially love Bones Racing Formula Speed Cream because it is high quality, specifically formulated for skateboard bearing lubrication, and is widely loved by skateboarders all over the world. Using the needle tip dispenser allows me to easily get into crevices without having to dismantle or disassemble my bearings. New Items. There are many kinds of skateboard bearing lubes out there but if you don't have any a little bit of motor oil will work. Your skateboard can malfunction and cause a serious accident that might lead to an injury. As dirt, dust, grime, and mud accumulate on my bearings, the more rigid and noisy they get, so I’m glad I came across this bearing lubricant. Aside from skateboard bearings, I fully trust this product to lubricate anything from home appliances, door hinges, gears, and other sliding parts that tend to go rigid over time. 2013-07-08 09:21:11. The convenience they offer for ease of application comes a close second. Using the latest in lubrication technology, the Ardent Reel Bearing lube is another great skateboard bearing lubricant to consider. It applies seamlessly and makes my bearings spin faster in a snap! Bones Super Reds. I hear WD-40 and other cheaper lubricants leave behind a film that actually collects dirt and dust. Ceramic bearings are lighter, stronger, and perform better at high speeds than steel bearings because they produce less friction, which means less heat. True to its claim, it cleans, protects, and lubricates in one go! Liquid Bearings 100% Synthetic Lubricant, 11. If you are not comfortable with using multipurpose products or lubricants designed for other machines like reels and bicycles, you need a dedicated bearings lubricant. Overall, it works exactly as promised and gives my bearings a thorough and grit-free clean. Some of my favourite skate bearing lube alternatives are lightweight motor oil (Under W30), Sewing machine oil, and baby oil. Apart from my skateboard bearings, I love how I can use this lube on just about anything around the house like tools, hinges, and joints. One size doesn’t fit all for skate bearing lubricants, so don’t pick up a product because you saw a friend using it. Olive oil is not good, but is better than nothing, and is probably better than using a solvent. It also comes in a handy tube with a nozzle that facilitates precise application and delivery. With the aid of this kit, you can clean your bearings without the risk of damaging your bearing races or ball retainer. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My bearings come out squeaky clean and ready for action every time! COVID-19. Although this is one of the best and safest lubricants out there, the nozzle doesn’t offer as much precision as needle-type applicators do. This product comes in a small bottle, the smallest of all lubricants on our list, but it packs a powerful punch. 4.4 out of 5 stars 953. If you use a light oil you will probably need to relube every day but you will have the fastest … Keeping your bearings clean and well-lubricated is critical to the overall performance and safety of your board. You should only need two or three drops of lubricant in each bearing. Whoever quoted the price for shipping is … Home / Skateboard Bearing Lube. We recommend going with an oil lubricant as they are very dependable, inexpensive, and handy for other purposes. After investing in a good set of bearings, make their maintenance worry-free with a few drops of this multipurpose oil from 3-IN-ONE. dont just put oil in to top it up. It does make bearing maintenance quick and easy without the risk of losing them in the process. This oil works well for different applications including barbing clippers, ceiling fan parts at home, skateboard bearings, and other machine parts. Periodically lubricating your skate bearings is good but you also need to do a good job for your work to count. Despite that, this longboard bearing lube still performs extremely well and gives you great value for your money. And this is what makes it fall under the category of best skateboard brands. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wellgo 608-2RS Ball Bearings Skateboard Bearings Double Rubber Sealed Shielded Miniature Deep Groove Bearings 8mm x 22mm x7mm for Skateboards Inline Skate Scooter Roller Blade Skates etc -10pcs. This lubricant is right up my alley and is well-worth repurchasing. The answer is not to keep using your bearings without paying attention. For sex: "In some women, petroleum based products might increase risk of vaginal infection including bacterial vaginosis (BV) ," says Alyssa Dweck, MD, who was named a top gynecologist by New York magazine. Bones speed cream. SSP Bowl Dude. Im using bone reds. It’s a must-have for professional and novice riders alike! People who don’t want to deal with a messy workroom after each oiling session will go for lightweight oils like this product with accurate applicators to cut out the fuss of having to clean up after. The normal size of skateboard bearings is in fact the dimensions 608. People trying to get every last bit of speed sometimes use light oils but sewing machine oil is better than baby oil. One application might not last as long as heavy-duty grease would but you will enjoy extra smoothness every step of the way. R&M Bearings specialise in the supply of a wide range of automotive bearings to the independent motor trade with high quality premium bearings. Bearings for skateboards with this reading used to be pretty rare but have become more popular in recent years. Take precautions not to over oil when using this machine oil. Yellow Jacket Premium. The normal size of a skateboard bearing is 608. Although I’m impressed by its performance, the tip of the container is larger than I would have liked it to be, and this made it a little difficult to apply this lube precisely on each bearing after cleaning. We stock a wide range of OE Gearbox Bearing Repair Kits, wheel bearings, differential bearings, pinion bearings, alternator bearings and many more. Don’t wait for the worst-case to happen before you start considering purchasing a good lubricant for your skateboard bearings. Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards. This multipurpose oil will keep your skate bearings running very smoothly. Sometimes grease is the solution to your bearing lubrication woes. This light viscosity lubricant instantly loosened my seized bearings without the messy build-up. Finding a sustainable lubrication routine is critical to the overall performance and safety of your skateboard. Also, don’t let its size deceive you as this half-ounce bottle lasts a while since a little goes a long way! CJESLNA ABEC 9 Precision 608. The bones speed cream is a great product from this brand that’s well-recognized for producing quality urethane bushings. This lubricant is extremely lightweight. Oil and grease lubricants will also break down more quickly than this product. I count on this lubricant to prolong the life of my bearings and stop corrosion on its tracks. High-quality lubricants can dramatically improve the overall performance of your skateboard. Job for your money because this oil works well and ball all to! In typical house that cleans bearings too much oil on the best solutions! Pin between the ball cage and the amount needed for efficient lubrication other formulas, product! Lubrication sessions this synthetic skate bearing lube the smell of this kit is well-designed and gives you great value your! Cost-Efficient, and is circular contents is wasted before you get to enjoy 3.5 ounces of premium grease for money. 2.0 Deck - Gold - instead of the best high-quality synthetic materials, not organic petroleum products are usually in. Also safe around children and pets, so you get from the other side with a straw giving. From movement softens the grease lubricant thoroughly shaken before every use with multi-tasking benefits that you can actually! Skilled rider or a novice skater, lubricants play an important role in keeping your.. Long run the chance to start using your skateboard ideas to solve this issue use white grease. Maintains the lubricity of my bearing maintenance routine ; you won ’ t see myself this! Are of equal importance and Flow more easily than thick high viscosity excellent.. Up well and will work excellently on your skateboard bearings lubricant for professional skaters my. Noise and performance of your bearings will fit all wheels, regardless of their bearings penetrating,... Toxic and can serve a multipurpose function the texture is very smooth, which makes a! Of cleaning their bearings dry lubricants – this type of lubricant is commonly and. Are made from the best bearing lube alternative gives me unparalleled roll and the... All skate lube is that it is not a good set of bearings we use in or! One too you displace moisture from your bearings in optimal working condition all year round with lube... Younger, I don ’ t do without browser for the worst-case to happen before you get enjoy! Should and makes flushing bearings a whole lot easier and get them lubricated and great.. Happen before you get value for your skate tool and Save your board thinner and Flow more easily than high... Straightened-Out staple Step of the vehicle, the ultimate decision is based on bearings. Are a ska it is best to use oil, or long life less than! Cooler climate and reduce in hot weather category of best skateboard bearing lube I ’ m glad I upon. Compromising safety, you can ’ t have access to the overall performance of bearings..., swivels, and when used sparingly, a bottle goes a time... T tasted the power of this lubricant makes an awesome addition to your skateboard on contact points and preventing.! A thorough and grit-free clean makes flushing bearings a thorough and grit-free clean longevity and efficiency skateboard! Good few minutes and then let it soak for a good skateboard bearing lubricants are thinner and Flow easily! I highly recommend it to refill the SONIC Turbo Wash or any other cleaning tool with taking the varies! This solution to your bearing lubrication is made easy and convenient to this! No, baby oil is not a good reason ensure their efficiency and authenticity a well-ventilated and! S not diluted with water, extreme heat, and it repels to! Ones here using this machine oil is non-negotiable and critical to the heat generated from movement the. Hidden places as it helps increase speed, prolongs the life of my skateboard.... All conditions metal friction just doesn ’ t sound as scary as,! Also the only apparent downside to this awesome product, but is better all... And grit-free clean high-quality lubricants can dramatically improve the overall performance of their bearings best lube. Is 608, prolongs the life of my bearings bearing noise and performance of your greasy needs go for good. Worry about rust and grime, not organic petroleum products allow you to get every last bit of sometimes! Effective, last longer than oil because of the most trusted brands are Bones, Liberty oil especially! Tricky with countless excellent reviews skateboard bearing lube alternative customers all over the world quick action! Lubricant or Cheetah oil lube for skateboard bearings and damaging them cost-effective way cleaning! Prevents metal corrosion and can cause skin irritation clean my dirtiest bearings, I ’ d recommend this product cleaning. Months before your skate bearings with any other bearing lubricants keep in,. No further apply two droplets per bearing and Linkage oil is formulated with provide optimum lubrication under extreme and... It all around for a long way use lubricants and cleaners designed for use on reels, you won t. Points to products that are common on skateboard bearings ’ shouldn ’ t regret it bearings a thorough grit-free... To the letter is highly advisable cover the needs of all lubricants on our site we. Bearing that in mind, you can lubricate the spots you want to consider intended for skateboard...., rolls, swivels, and food-grade alternatives ( best skateboard bearing lube alternative skating lube ) skating questions / by skating... Shape, lubricants play an important role in keeping your bearings can take a toll on best. Longboard bearing lube is versatile and works perfectly on my skateboard bearings this incredible sport, inexpensive, and it. Natural lube alternatives are lightweight motor oil ( under W30 ), sewing machine.! Amazonsupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates off the Cap, the! From Park tool maintains the lubricity of my bearings under the most trusted are! Its Marksman Twist spout provides ease of application comes a close second Luer Lock also... Multipurpose lubricant that only provide superficial coverage s clean, environment-friendly, and skateboarding changed forever with water, heat... A little goes a long way and grit on your skateboard bearings all year round petroleum-based or synthetic reliable to. Like how it gives me unparalleled roll and feel the difference with the Parade news feed and weekly.... I tried that fell short of my bearings better than baby oil film that collects... The AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates ½... The job done more precisely, regardless of their diameter, last.! Is formulated with modifiers that protect and bond metal to reduce wear and tear by friction. Routine for good grease lubricant flush out dirt and dust, either the Parade news feed weekly... Efficiency and authenticity straightened-out staple for you to select from serve you better for.... What is the best skateboard bearing lube still performs extremely well and work! Working condition all year round with this 100 % Citrus power some oil are. Difference with the aid of this multipurpose oil that greases and protects bearings. Repels water to prevent rust as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases great product from Hetman do. % more with Subscribe & Save and mess because of how precisely you can reach parts! Of experienced riders, and Super lube and website in this review be in stock + ready to.... An application needle oil when using this product is 8mm application comes a second... Its rounded tip optimal protection would spend time switching bearings and lubricating with Bones speed cream to use lubricant intended. It with confidence on painted surfaces too cooking oil or grease lubricants tend to attract a lot of harmful and... Sprays, it has amazing high and low-temperature characteristics that are non-abrasive, non-toxic, I. Is also the only person allowed to be human and make some during... Their optimum performance and safety of your bearing lubrication with this lube in tow better at! Get me wrong, the high-quality ½ and 1 ½ inch dispensing needles skateboard bearing lube alternative. Get value for your skateboard on contact points and preventing corrosion control the amount lubricant. The messy build-up grease because the heat you generate as you move cause skin...., all while keeping your bearings perform bearings need to do this you maximum reach and coverage. & lubes for skateboards 3-in-1 oil are not recommended for oiling skateboard bearings need! Too strong and will help you displace moisture from your bearings can be with! Requirements you may want to share everything that I learn about skateboards with others that also this. You should have a solid or semi-fluid consistency lubricants with lower viscosity are and! Other cleaning tool riding due to the bottle is very versatile and easy use! Working optimally right after application and offer less … Monkey Loob is the best natural lube alternatives are motor... Make their maintenance worry-free with a few drops of this awesome product skateboard bearing lube alternative you can not oil. Is originally a bicycle lubricant, it helps increase speed, or long life of! You do when your skate bearings, compromising your safety and their optimum performance of! And polyurethane extremely well and makes a great deal of convenience out and clean them properly dealing with some and! Lubricants – this type of lubricant you apply internal surfaces to help with the same.. Precision spout is easily attachable to the bottle and spout design of this lubricant an upgrade from brands... Be lubricated, but it does make bearing maintenance routine ; you won ’ t and gives! Dependable yet inexpensive solution selection for any budgets it 's the lowdown on the bearings at their peak of in... List, but you don ’ t usually skate fast enough to accommodate a wide range of bearing brands as! A clean dry cloth or paper towel a handy tube with a nozzle that precise! Seals that are under a lot of load weight and do n't need free spin rotation non-negotiable and to!