Real Estate

We service our corporate clients in land and mostly non-residential real estate acquisitions, where we prepare the pre-contractual documentation such as various memorandums of understanding and letters of intent, we realize the due diligence of the specific real estate and sometimes also of the specific company owning the target real estate. Based on results of the due diligence we draft the contractual acquisition documentation and we participate in negotiations with the financing banks in respect of financing of acquisitions. As further regards the corporate clients, we have extensive experience in drafting real estate lease agreements for non-residential premises (offices, commercial spaces) and in drafting construction agreements.

As for our private clients, we often assist these clients in sales, acquisitions, donations, and leases of lands, apartments, and houses. We also prepare construction agreements for the houses. Where acquisition or construction is financed by the bank, we revise loan agreements and security agreements (mortgages etc.).